Swanand Yoga

The Oasis for Innate Happiness

“Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body. It has a message for the human mind and it also has a message for the human soul.” –Swami Kuvalayananda


“Swanand” in its purest definition represents the marriage of two distinct Sanskrit words: “Swa” which in Sanskrit means “one’s own/innate” and “Anand” which means “happiness/bliss.” Our philosophy is centered on the belief that a sound mind in a sound body is the key to a healthy, happy existence. Each of our classes, regardless of level, is designed with this philosophy in mind.


“Your ultimate goal is to be happy. Where is that happiness? Within you. If you want to have permanent happiness, it will never come from outside.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda


Oftentimes, the fast-pace of city life and our lengthy to-do lists cause us to feel distracted, disconnected, and to neglect our connection to life’s little wonders. Through utilizing simple asana sequences, united with the rhythm of the breath, we at Swanand Yoga strive to quiet the mind, release inner peace from captivity, and find center with our true selves.

Through practicing yoga, we all have the opportunity to experience our true self each and every day. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, a stay-at-home parent or a corporate-type, your true nature is an embodiment of peace, mindfulness, and compassion. Our tranquil studio will deliver you into a state of relaxation and harmony, and provide the pathway for you to experience your authentic self.

Our primary class offering is Hatha Yoga, which comprises a practice of four key phases:

Centering & Quieting the Mind

Physical Asana

Pranayama & Meditation

Deep Relaxation

As you deliberately move through each phase with the mind centered on the breath, your practice will unfold into a moving meditation.  Relaxation and happiness will arise as a natural outcome.


“Follow your bliss.” – Joseph Campbell


We are dedicated to the quest for happiness. We invite you to join us for a fulfilling and blissful yoga experience at Swanand Yoga. Evolve with your yoga practice. Move beyond the mat into your own eternal, innate happiness.


The Swanand Yoga Family