Corporate Wellness

Corporate yoga is a growing staple in the modern work environment. Ongoing studies and evidence uphold that an hour of midday or evening yoga practice promotes clarity, focus, and productivity in the office.

About Us

The hatha yoga lineage holds valuable tools for relaxation and the easing of physical and mental tensions created by the everyday stress of city life. This meditative and deeply relaxing style of yoga is appropriate for all levels of vitality and experience, including beginners, and can be customized to fit the needs of every individual. Our philosophy is centered on the belief that a sound mind in a sound body is the key to a healthy, happy existence.

About Our Teachers

Deeply experienced in studying and teaching the hatha yoga tradition, our teachers share this practice from a place of compassion. They are as committed to your healthy evolution as they are to their own.

On-Site Yoga Sessions

Depending on the needs and desires of your group, sessions focus on simple breathing and meditation techniques for stress reduction and focus, and may include a full practice of physical postures and movement to relieve the tension of sitting at a desk all day. Classes will be customized for your group, and open to all levels of vitality, experience, and ability.

Per Session Rate: $ 200

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We look forward to serving you!

In gratitude,

The Swanand Yoga Family