Hatha Yoga Level I/ Beginner Yoga

First-time students are welcome in this traditional hatha yoga class. Students will experience a comprehensive, balanced class with a steady, non-vigorous sequence, relaxation between asanas, and guided instruction throughout the class.

Hatha Yoga Level I/II

Students interested in transitioning from Level I to Level II are welcome in this class. In this class new asanas will be introduced, asanas will be held for longer to deepen the experience, and the Sanskrit names for each asana will be introduced. This class is great for continuing students.

Hatha Yoga Level II

This class is perfect for students who are more experienced with yoga and are ready to move at a faster pace. New asanas and techniques will be introduced. This class has less instruction and less relaxation between asanas; asanas will also be held longer for an experience at a deeper level.

Hatha Yoga Level II/III

This class is for more experienced students who are comfortable with the Level II classes and are comfortable in a faster-paced, more rigorous practice. New and more difficult asanas will be introduced and poses will be held even longer, including inversions and more advanced pranayama practices.

Hatha Candlelight Yoga

Everyone is welcome in this gentler, slower paced variation on the traditional Hatha Level I format. Modifications to the basic poses will be offered making this class appropriate for people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels–and anyone who wants a more gentle experience. The intention of this type of practice is to relax and rejuvenate the body and bring a calm stillness to the mind.

Meditative Flow Yoga

The Swanand meditative flow class is a one hour class that joins one asana to the next through a gracefully mindful sequence. The pace is slow enough to move deeply into the poses while maintaining the natural fluidity of yoga. Using sun salutations as the basis for the flow and ujjai breath as a link to movement, the class transitions through standing poses, backward bends, forward bends, inversions and twists. The class ends with deep relaxation and pranayama, followed by a brief meditation. The meditative flow class focuses on moving from dharana (concentration of the mind) to dhyana (meditation)

Hatha Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga practice is slow and gentle, using breath, meditation, along with bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support passive stretches that take release to a deeper level. This calming class is appropriate for everyone looking to take extra care of themselves and relax deeply in a peaceful atmosphere. All levels of practice and ability are welcome, including those healing from injury or other conditions.

Candle Light Restorative Yoga

Relax and breathe deeply in this soothing blend of our candle light yoga with restorative postures. Using props and passive stretching, meditation and breathing techniques, you will leave feeling rested, balanced, and calm.

Hatha Pre-Natal Yoga

Nurturing, gentle yoga practice for mothers-to-be, with focus on breath-work, restorative postures, and exercises to prepare the body for birth. All levels of practice and ability are welcome, including beginners. Consulting your doctor before attending is recommended.

Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Any beginner looking for an easeful introduction to hatha yoga will benefit from this 90-minute class. Our teachers will present their perspectives on basic yoga principles, lead a simple sequence of postures, short meditation, and deep breathing practice.

YOGISSAGE — Yoga & Massage by Appointment

An extremely relaxing and rejuvenating blend of therapeutic yoga, light shiatsu, and passive stretching, Yogissage combines the best of yoga, massage, and body work for a highly individualized healing experience. These hour-long sessions are excellent for those with particular physical conditions, such as muscular tension in the neck, back, hips or legs; and wonderful for restoring vitality in those who are stressed out by city life. For more details, click here.