Located on 7th Avenue and W. 29th Street, our large third-floor studio has two tranquil and spacious rooms — one larger practice room, perfect for classes, workshops, and trainings, and one treatment room ideal for one-on-one sessions.  Featuring large windows with lots of natural light throughout, track lighting with dimmer switches, plenty of yoga & meditation props as well as a massage table, both rooms are available to rent by the hour any time there is no class scheduled.  Our space also has an office/reception space, storage and changing area, two bathrooms. See photos below.


Sun Room

Large, bright, and tranquil.

Approx. 600 sq. ft.




Moon Room

Smaller, light, perfect for one-on-one sessions.

Approx. 150 sq. ft.


We offer flexibility with hour, day, and full-weekend rates, as well as package options. Please reach out to us for availability. Thank you!

212.502.4181 /